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September 13, 2012
Brattle Principal Lynda Borucki to Present at American Law Institute-Continuing Legal Education Course on Accountants’ Liability

Brattle principal Lynda Borucki will be presenting at the American Law Institute-Continuing Legal Education’s (ALI-CLE) upcoming course, “Accountants’ Liability: Litigation and Issues in the Wake of the Financial Crisis,” taking place September 13-14, 2012 in Chicago, IL. The two-day course of study will provide an overview of the changing principles that govern the field of accountants’ liability. Recent developments and emerging trends from the financial crisis, the Madoff scheme and similar frauds, and economic globalization will be emphasized, as well as the key issues that the accounting profession will likely face in the coming years. Ms. Borucki will be speaking on damages and causation. Her presentation will discuss the importance of having well-founded damages and causation theories, as they are often critical issues in accountants’ liability cases. For more information, please visit the ALI-CLE website.