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June 20, 2012
Brattle Principal Metin Celebi Participates in Panel Discussion at Midwest Independent Transmission System Operator Annual Shareholders’ Meeting

Brattle principal Metin Celebi served as a panelist at the Midwest Independent Transmission System Operator’s (MISO) 2012 Annual Stakeholders' Meeting. Nearly a dozen experts and thought leaders from the energy industry came together to discuss the rapidly evolving energy landscape, the challenges the industry faces, and how MISO and its stakeholders are working together to find solutions. Dr. Celebi participated in a session discussing the use of “21st Century” technologies in the energy industry today, and the potential challenges of implementing these technologies given the current policy and regulatory uncertainties in the market. He explained the cost and technology characteristics of key environmental control equipment that will need to be installed on coal plants to comply with emerging EPA regulations. In addition, Dr. Celebi described the results of a recent Brattle study on the feasibility of implementing the required environmental retrofits in the MISO region with respect to outage implications, construction timeline and labor needs. He was joined by James Donohue, GE Power and Water Manager of Thermal Products Marketing; Bryan Hannegan, Vice President of Environmental and Renewable Energy at the Electric Policy Institute; and Judd Mortiz, Director of Utility Solutions at EnerNOC. "We have reached a critical point in the future of energy, and our job is to provide our members with access to the latest information so they can make informed decisions. Experts here today are engaged in an open and honest conversation about the energy policy evolution, advancing technology and gas supply infrastructure," said MISO President and CEO John R. Bear. For more information please visit the MISO website.