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February 24, 2014
Brattle Principal Sam Newell to Participate in ERCOT Market Summit 2014

Brattle principal Sam Newell will serve as a panelist in the upcoming event “ERCOT Market Summit 2014,” taking place February 24 – 26, 2014 in Austin, TX.

Hosted by Infocast, the Summit will examine changing market drivers and bring together policy-makers and executives to explore opportunities to solve resource adequacy problems. Presenters will explore the impacts of power price ceiling increases on project economics, as well as whether the contemplated market changes will trigger the massive build out needed. They will also explore how DR, energy storage and other potential game-changers could be more effectively integrated into the ERCOT market, and whether recent transmission and smart grid investments can be leveraged to provide solutions.

Dr. Newell will serve as a panelist in a discussion on “The State of Things: Resource Adequacy in ERCOT” alongside John Fainter of the Association of Electric Companies of Texas, Inc. and Brad Jones of ERCOT. They will discuss a number of questions facing Texas in light of a recent Moody’s study that found the state the most at-risk energy market in the U.S., with a .7% deficit at peak. These questions include: with strong demand growth expected to continue and unusual weather extremes becoming more common, are the steps taken to date triggering the addition of more resources?; does the current market structure need to be adjusted to provide adequate price signals to build?; and, will an operating reserves demand curve add more financial certainty for developers?

For more information, please visit Infocast’s website.