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June 09, 2011
Brattle Principal Sam Newell to Participate in the National Regulatory Research Institute’s Teleseminar on Demand Response

Brattle principal Sam Newell will participate in the National Regulatory Research Institute’s (NRRI’s) teleseminar “Demand Response Gets Market Prices: Now What?” on Thursday, June 9th, 2011. This teleseminar will gather industry experts to discuss what will happen now that demand response has been mandated and a pricing structure has been set as a result of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s (FERC’s) Order 745 (March 2011). The FERC’s mandate has left states with some critical decisions to make, including what their market structure should be for demand response and which consumers can participate (utilities only, independent aggregators only, or both). State commissions now have six possible transactional relationships yielding 25 possible market structures. Experts on this panel will address some of the tough questions that have arisen as a result of this legislation. For more information on the teleseminar, please visit the NRRI website.