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July 22, 2012
Brattle Principals Philip Hanser and Bente Villadsen to Serve as Instructors at the EEI Members Advanced Rates Course

Brattle principals Philip Hanser and Bente Villadsen will be instructors at the EEI Members Advanced Rates Course, taking place July 22-25, 2012 in Madison, WI. The course will teach attendees the ratemaking tools they will need in order to meet today’s business challenges. Mr. Hanser will present the course introduction and description. In addition, he will instruct the session on “Issues in Cost Allocation,” which will focus on topics such as costs of service and rate class cost allocation, and the session on “Rate Design by Objective,” which will discuss how to increase block and dynamic rates. Mr. Hanser will also present “Introduction to Marginal Costs,” a course that will introduce the study of traditional and restructured markets, as well as steps in developing marginal costs. Dr. Villadsen will lead the session on “Current Issues in Cost Capital,” which will educate attendees on topics such as market effects on capital costs, earned returns vs. allowed returns, and risk management vs. risk compensation. For more information on the course, please visit the Wisconsin Public Utility Institute website.