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October 30, 2013
Brattle Senior Associate Kathleen Spees to Serve as Panelist at Power Markets Conference

Brattle senior associate Kathleen Spees will serve as a panelist at the 12th Annual Power Markets Conference: The State of New England’s Power Markets, taking place October 30, 2013 in Westborough, MA.

Hosted by the Northeast Energy and Commerce Association (NECA), the conference will open with an in-depth and provocative discussion on market approaches to ensuring resource adequacy, the state of New England’s wholesale power markets, and whether the markets are appropriately incentivizing the right mix of resources. Following that discussion will be a review by relevant market participants and stakeholders as to their views on the state of New England’s markets and on what, if any, improvements should be pursued to incent investment and support the right resource mix. The conference will also examine the state of FERC enforcement actions and financial reform rules on bank participation in the energy markets and explore what impact they are having on the liquidity of the markets.

Dr. Spees will serve on a panel titled “Ensuring Resource Adequacy: Can Wholesale Markets Incentivize an Efficient Mixture of Resources?” For more information, please visit the conference website.