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November 04, 2015
Brattle to Sponsor Clean Energy Education & Empowerment’s 4th Annual Women in Clean Energy Symposium

The Brattle Group is proud to sponsor the upcoming Clean Energy Education & Empowerment Initiative’s (C3E) 4th Annual Women in Clean Energy Symposium, taking place November 4-5, 2015 in Cambridge, MA and through webcast.

The C3E Symposium aims to provide women in clean energy with a range of perspectives on clean energy challenges and opportunities. The event strives to help build a sustained national and international community of professionals dedicated to advancing the careers and goals of women in clean energy.

This year’s program, “Leveraging Megatrends for a Clean Energy Future,” will consist of four main topics: cutting edge research on women, energy and leadership; the energy/water nexus; the transition to a low-carbon future; and clean energy technology frontiers. Brattle is a supporting sponsor of the symposium.

For more information, please visit the C3E website.