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December 02, 2015
Joshua Gans to Speak on Insurance Policies at Canadian Sharing Economy Symposium

Brattle academic advisor Joshua Gans will speak at the upcoming Canadian Sharing Economy Symposium, taking place December 2, 2015 in Ontario, Canada.

The symposium will bring together key decision makers from multiple sectors to discuss how the rapidly evolving sharing economy model has global and local implications that are changing markets, cities, and lives. The event will cover how the new Sharing Economy platform business model is disrupting traditional businesses and the complex legal and policy issues that are rising.

Dr. Gans will speak during the panel discussion, “Insurance Policies: Insuring the Sharing Economy,” which will break down the current state and scope of insurance policies within Canada and discuss whether they need to change in order to engage the sharing economy. Panelists will also discuss why today’s sharing economy businesses do not fit the old economy’s insurance policies.

For more information, please visit the event website.

Joshua Gans
Academic Advisor
Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto
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