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October 01, 2019
Judy Chang to Speak on Competition in the Electric Transmission Sector at EBA Midwest Chapter Meeting

Brattle Principal Judy Chang will speak at the Energy Bar Association (EBA) Midwest Chapter Energizer on Competition in Transmission, which will be held October 1 in Chicago.

Ms. Chang’s panel will review the regulatory framework that enables competition in the electric transmission industry and discuss the conclusions reached in two recent reports, “Cost Savings Offered by Competition in Electric Transmission: Experience to Date and the Potential for Additional Customer Value” from The Brattle Group and “Building New Transmission: Experience To-Date Does Not Support Expanding Solicitations” from Concentric Energy Advisors. The panelists will discuss whether the scope of competition in the electric transmission industry should be expanded or contracted, and how that might be achieved going forward.

For more information about the EBA Midwest Chapter Energizer, please visit the event website.