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December 01, 2015
Neil Lessem to Present at EUCI Residential Demand Charges and Cost Recovery Symposium

Brattle senior associate Neil Lessem will present at the upcoming Electric Utility Consultants, Inc. (EUCI) Residential Demand Charges and Cost Recovery Symposium, taking place December 1, 2015 in Calgary, Canada.

The symposium aims to explore the potential benefits and challenges of offering a residential demand charge from a wide variety of perspectives. The event will cover best practices for designing the new rate, its likely impact on customer bills, expected customer response to the new rate, cost-recovery implications, utility experience with demand charges where they are currently being offered, and the implications for net metering.

Dr. Lessem will present “Time of Use Rates in Ontario and Cost Reflective Tariffs,” which will highlight his front line experience and perspectives drawn from multiple continents on how existing retail rate designs are contributing to the under-recovery of fixed costs for utilities. Dr. Lessem will also share results from a three-year project for the Ontario Power Authority that he just completed on the impact of that province's rollout of time-of-use rates on customer usage.

Dr. Lessem will also participate in the panel discussion, “Are Residential Demand Charges a Useful Idea Whose Time Has Come?” Panelists will discuss their years of experience in utility rate design to weigh the opportunities and constraints associated with pursuing the concept of a residential demand charge – why it may make sense for some utilities.

For more information, please visit the EUCI website.