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July 24, 2014
Principal and Nobel Laureate Daniel McFadden to Give Special Address at LSI Conference on Natural Resources Damages

Brattle principal and Nobel Laureate Daniel McFadden will present at Law Seminars International’s (LSI) upcoming conference, “Natural Resources Damages (NRD): Best Strategies and Tactics to Handle Large, Complex NRD Litigation,” taking place July 24 – 25, 2014 in Santa Fe, NM.

NRD litigation remains one of the most dynamic yet underdeveloped areas of environmental law. NRD statutory claims present complex and evolving strategic and tactical issues for natural resource trustees, overlapping governmental regulatory authorities and potentially responsible parties. As case law defining NRD claims and defenses continues to develop, trustees and other stakeholders continue to experiment with new approaches to both prosecuting and defending NRD claims, thereby advancing the NRD practice. This conference will bring together in-house and private attorneys, consultants, corporate managers, governmental representatives, and Tribal leaders and representatives to discuss natural resource damage claims.

Professor McFadden will give a special address on “An Economist's Perspective on Environmental Damages” on the first day of the conference. For more information, please visit LSI’s website.