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February 11, 2014
Principal Hannes Pfeifenberger to Present at Ontario IESO Stakeholder Summit

Brattle Principal Hannes Pfeifenberger will participate at the Ontario Independent Electric System Operator (IESO) Stakeholder Summit, taking place February 11, 2014 in Toronto, Ontario.

The 2nd annual Summit will build on the opportunities identified during the 2013 Summit as well as themes that have emerged throughout the past year. The theme for this year’s Summit, “New Perspectives for Ontario’s Electricity Market,” will highlight key topics exploring opportunities for all customers during the current, near, and future terms for the further development of the electricity market.

Mr. Pfeifenberger will serve as a panelist during Part III of the Summit, “Future Planning for Ontario’s Electricity Market.” The panel will take a future look into electricity market development, examining issues such as dynamic pricing and capacity, as well as exploring market-based solutions.

For more information, please visit the Summit website.