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January 29, 2014
Principal Lisa Cameron Participates in Seminar on Economic Trends in Patent Damages

Brattle Principal Lisa Cameron served as a guest panelist at the seminar, “Patent Damages, the New ‘Economic Realism’, and Early Case Assessments,” taking place January 29, 2013 in Boston, MA.

Hosted by the law firm Hamilton, Brook, Smith & Reynolds, P.C., the interactive seminar featured a panel of experience patent trial lawyers and economic experts to discuss current trends in patent damages, including how these trends can be put to use to understand the risks and ranges of damages, and how a candid damage assessment can help avoid litigation expenses and drive early case settlement. Specifically, the presentation provided insight into:

  • Reasonable Royalties: How apportionment and the "Entire Market Value Rule" apply in patent assertion entity ("PAE") cases;

  • Lost Profits: How to make a reliable early assessment of damages in Hatch-Waxman "early launch" cases; and

  • Tools: What specific tools are available to calculate a range of damages early in the cases

Dr. Cameron has extensive experience in providing economic analysis of intellectual property issues. In patent infringement cases, she has prepared testimony on reasonable royalties and lost profits for clients in industries ranging from software to consumer products to pharmaceuticals and medical devices.

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