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June 24, 2014
Rand Ghayad to Present to the Prime Minister and Employment Policy Council of France on Long-Term Unemployment

Brattle associate Rand Ghayad will give a presentation to the General Secretariat of the Employment Policy Council of France on June 24, 2014. The Council, which is an advisory body to the Prime Minister, brings together members of the National Assembly and Senate, local authority representatives, heads of government departments and public bodies, and heads of the public employment service to discuss labor and employment issues. Dr. Ghayad will give his presentation to the Council as well as the Prime Minister of France, its Ministers of Labor and Finance, and members of the Prime Minister’s advisory board.

The Council is currently examining the issue of people who have been lastingly out of work in France (long-term unemployed, women or men who have stopped working to take care of their children or because of disability, handicap, or illness, or people who have never worked). Specifically, they aim to: identify difficulties faced when trying to return to work (skills issues, discrimination, housing, mobility, etc.), analyze if these difficulties increased since previous decades, and to understand why, if it is the case, assess existing public policies including the public employment service and its linkage and coherence with social policies and benefits, vocational training, and unemployment benefits, and to go deeper into the issue of discrimination, notably the discrimination against long-term unemployed.

Dr. Ghayad will discuss his work on non-employment discrimination in the context of the crisis of long-term unemployment in France and what can we learn from the U.S. experience. Dr. Ghayad is a leading expert on questions related to job displacement, unemployment, and the evolution of workers' careers.