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August 06, 2014
Sanem Sergici to Speak at National Governor’s Association Retreat on Reducing Energy Waste in Michigan

Brattle senior associate Sanem Sergici will present at the National Governor’s Association’s (NGA) “Michigan Retreat on Peak Shaving to Reduce Wasted Energy,” taking place August 6, 2014 in Lansing, MI.

Hosted by Michigan Governor Rick Snyder, in partnership with the NGA and the Michigan Public Service Commission, the program aims to increase an understanding of opportunities for reducing energy through peak shaving in the state. Several options for reducing peak load, including dynamic pricing, will be discussed during the program, as well as measures for evaluating and compensating utilities.

Dr. Sergici will speak on the panel, “Learning from Experiences with Dynamic Pricing,” which will feature presentations highlighting the range of experiences throughout the country with dynamic pricing programs and their impacts on peak demand reduction. The session will also include discussions on the impact and value of dynamic pricing programs to the residential, commercial, and industrial sectors.