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February 04, 2020
Tony Lee to Discuss Residential EV Rates During SEPA Webinar

Brattle Consultant Tony Lee will participate in a Smart Electric Power Alliance (SEPA) webinar on “Utility Experiences with Residential EV Rates,” on February 4 from 2:00 to 3:00 p.m. (ET).

The speakers will discuss the expected growth in accelerated electric vehicles (EVs) and the inevitable resident EV adoption. They will also share practical examples of utilities that have developed reasonable rates for customers and present best practices for developing beneficial off-peak charging habits.

The webinar will also highlight the findings from a recent SEPA report, coauthored by Brattle Principal Ryan Hledik, that identifies how EV-specific time-varying rates – a form of passive managed charging – can successfully incentivize customers to charge during off-peak hours.

Please visit the SEPA website for more information.