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July 08, 2016
Yingxia Yang Presents on Renewable Integration at the DRC of the State Council of China

Brattle Associate Yingxia Yang presented on renewable integration at the Development Research Center (DRC) of the State Council of China, a state agency responsible for policy research and consulting of issues related to the economic and social development of China.

China and the U.S. are the two leading countries in installed wind capacity, accounting for 50% of wind capacity in the world in 2015. Furthermore, Inner Mongolia and Texas are the leading states/provinces in installed wind capacity in the two countries, respectively. Total wind capacity in Inner Mongolia and Texas make up approximately 10% of the global wind capacity, roughly equivalent to the total installed wind capacity in Germany. However, these two regions are drastically different in terms of wind integration to the power system, with nearly zero curtailment in Texas and about 20% curtailment in Inner Mongolia in 2015.

Dr. Yang presented her research that compares the two regions and explores what can be learned from the successful experience of renewable integration in Texas.

The DRC of the State Council of China has actively participated in the development of the “5-year Plan” and long term plans for the country’s economic and social development.