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January 11, 2013
American Finance Association Announces 2012 Recipients of The Brattle Group Prize

The Brattle Group Prizes for best papers in Corporate Finance for 2012, judged to be exceptional by the associate editors of The Journal of Finance, were awarded at the American Finance Association's Annual Meeting in San Diego, CA on January 4-6, 2013. The prizes, handed out annually, are funded through a grant from The Brattle Group and awarded at the AFA's annual meeting by a Brattle representative. The winners of the first prize receive $10,000 and runner-up papers each receive $5,000. All papers published in the prior year's issues of The Journal of Finance are eligible for the prizes. The Brattle Group congratulates the winners for their achievement. First Prize Papers: Marianne Bertrand and Adair Morse "Information Disclosure, Cognitive Biases, and Payday Borrowing,” The Journal of Finance, December 2011. Phillip Schnabl “The International Transmission of Bank Liquidity Shocks: Evidence from an Emerging Market,” The Journal of Finance, June 2012. Distinguished Paper: Vicente Cunat, Mireia Gine, and Maria Guadalupe "The Vote Is Cast: The Effect of Corporate Governance on Shareholder Value," The Journal of Finance, October 2012. For a complete list of past winners, please visit The Journal of Finance Brattle Prize page. For more information on the American Finance Association, please visit their website.