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April 28, 2014
Antitrust Analysis in Physician, Hospital, and Insurer Matters

The success of a health care provider or payer can be profoundly affected by the structure of the market in which it operates and the types of contracting practices that are used in that market. In many cases, a change in market structure or contracting practice is needed to achieve cost savings or improved quality. In other situations, changes in market structure or contracting practice can harm competition. Brattle economists have the skill and expertise necessary to analyze both scenarios. We explain the efficiencies that can arise from mergers and acquisitions and from the adoption of new contracting practices and analyze the competitive effects of such changes. Where such changes are anticompetitive, we estimate the harm such changes cause both customers and competitors.

Our practice group includes former economists from the FTC and DOJ, consultants with extensive experience in private competition cases, and renowned academics from leading universities. Our clients include hospitals, pharmacies, health insurers, pharmacy benefit managers, and government agencies. In support of these clients, we conduct rigorous analyses relying on our familiarity with health care economics, industry data sets, and industry practices and regulations.

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