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February 24, 2012
Brattle Academic Advisor Donald Lessard Meets with President of the Republic of China to Discuss Taiwan's Green Energy Future

Brattle academic advisor Donald Lessard recently met with the President of the Republic of China, Ma Ying-jeou, to discuss the current state of Taiwan’s energy industry. Currently, 99 percent of the energy that the region consumes is imported and, as a result, there is a growing need and opportunity to focus efforts on developing green sources of energy and enhancing the efficiency of the full energy chain. President Ma Ying-jeou believes that Taiwan will continue to make strides in the green energy arena due to its highly competitive solar cell and light-emitting diode manufacturing sectors. The point of Lessard's visit was to encourage Taiwan to move even more aggressively to promote green energy by pricing carbon and setting technology standards in order to make "Taiwan's present Asia's future" with energy technology and service demand conditions that would foster innovation and increase the competitiveness of Taiwanese industry in this domain. Dr. Lessard, the Epoch Foundation Professor of International Management at the MIT Sloan School of Management, was in Taipei visiting government, business, and academic leaders. Dr. Lessard’s research is focused on the global business of clean energy technology and the shaping and managing of risks in large engineering projects.

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