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March 25, 2010
Brattle Assists Metropolitan Edison Company and the Pennsylvania Electric Company in the Procurement of Solar Renewable Energy Credits
The Brattle Group recently assisted the Metropolitan Edison Company and the Pennsylvania Electric Company with the successful procurement of 8,500 solar renewable energy credits ("SRECs") per year covering a ten-year period via a request for proposals ("RFP") process. As the Independent Procurement Manager, The Brattle Group was responsible for a wide range of activities related to the procurement of SRECs:
Pre-procurement: writing the rules, protocols, and RFP applications and submitting these documents to the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission for approval. Procurement: marketing the RFP to potential suppliers, responding to supplier questions, holding bidder information sessions, reviewing applications (including credit documents), and selecting winning suppliers using a proprietary optimization model. The Brattle Group worked extensively with the in-house personnel at the utilities, including representatives from operations, credit and risk management, and in-house and external counsel. Post-procurement: writing reports on the state of the SREC markets and a summary of the procurement process and winning bids. The reports were provided to the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission, who relied upon them to help make their decision to approve the procurement of 8,500 SRECs.
For more information please contact James Reitzes at or call +1.202.955.5050.