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August 01, 2014
Brattle Consultants Contribute to Book on Distributed Generation in the Electric Industry

Brattle principals Phil Hanser and Ahmad Faruqui have co-authored two chapters in the recently-published book, Distributed Generation and Its Implications for the Utility Industry.

A number of new trends and developments in the electric industry, including decreasing electricity demand growth; the rising costs of fossil fuels and its impact on electricity costs; investments in energy efficiency; and market reforms have led to a shift in rethinking the electric industry’s current model of consumption. The book examines the implications of these trends within the current state of the industry, including the various technological, business, and regulatory strategies in place, as well as a number of projects underway that put new models into practice.

Mr. Hanser co-authored the chapter, “The Next Evolution of the Distribution Utility,” along with Brattle consultant Kai Van Horn. The chapter lays out the challenges facing electricity distribution utilities (EDUs) as the distribution system’s functions and customer’s use modes significantly transform, and envisions alternative EDU models to address those challenges.

Dr. Faruqui and Dian Grueneich of Dian Grueneich Consulting co-authored the chapter, “Making the Most of the No Load Growth Business Environment,.” The chapter analyzes five major reasons for the slowdown of electricity sales growth in addition to the weak economy: changes in consumer psychology, ratepayer-funded energy efficiency programs, governmental codes and standards, the rise of distributed generation, and fuel switching to natural gas. The authors also present strategies and tactics that utilities can pursue to deal with this changing environment.

For more information, please visit the publisher’s website.