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April 09, 2012
Brattle Economists Serve as Independent Auction Manager for GE Energy Financial Services’ Auction of Transmission Scheduling Rights

The Brattle Group will serve as the Independent Auction Manager for GE Energy Financial Services’ auction of 225 megawatts (MWs) of transmission scheduling rights (TSRs). The TSRs allow for the withdrawal (or injection) of power at the Linden Variable Frequency Transformer (VFT) switching station near Linden, NJ and the injection (or withdrawal) of power near the Goethals Substation in Staten Island, New York City. The Linden VFT, built by GE Energy Financial Services, began commercial operation in 2009. Brattle economists will manage the “open season” process, where nine 25-MW blocks of TSRs will be auctioned in June 2012. Bidders can procure any number of the nine available auction blocks. The TSRs can be used to sell energy and capacity sourced in PJM into the New York ISO, as well as energy sourced in the New York ISO into PJM. The auction process is being managed by Brattle economists Jim Reitzes, Coleman Bazelon, Phil Hanser, and Evan Pittman. To learn more about the auction process, please visit the Linden VFT project website.