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October 05, 2012
Brattle Economists to Manage Large Purchase of Solar Alternative Energy Credits by FirstEnergy’s Pennsylvania Utilities

Economists at The Brattle Group announced today that they will administer the Request for Proposal (RFP) process for the purchase of 14,500 Solar Photovoltaic Alternative Energy Certificates (SPAECs) annually over a ten-year period on behalf of FirstEnergy’s Pennsylvania Utilities. Specifically, FirstEnergy seeks to purchase 2,000 SPAECs annually for Pennsylvania Power Company (Penn Power), 7,000 SPAECs annually for Pennsylvania Electric Company (Penelec), and 5,500 SPAECs annually for Metropolitan Edison Company (Met-Ed). Bidders in this RFP can offer to sell tranches of SPAECs, where each tranche represents a commitment to sell 500 SPAECs annually over a ten-year period. Economists at The Brattle Group will act as the Independent Evaluator for this RFP process and additional RFP processes to be conducted in 2013. The current RFP process will be conducted during October and November of 2012, with qualifying applications due by October 23, 2012 and bids due by November 14, 2012. For further information regarding the RFP, please consult FirstEnergy’s SPAEC RFP website at The Brattle Group provides consulting services and expert testimony on economic, financial, regulatory, and strategic issues to corporations, law firms, and public agencies worldwide. We provide expert testimony on economic damages, antitrust and competitive analyses, financial risk, regulatory economics, and environmental matters. In addition, experts at The Brattle Group have designed and managed auction and RFP processes and provided strategic bidding advice for clients in the energy and telecommunications sectors. For further information regarding Brattle’s auction and RFP design and management services, please contact Jim Reitzes at