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February 14, 2013
Brattle Economists to Manage Open Season for GE Energy Financial Services

It was announced today that economists at The Brattle Group will manage the “open season” for GE Energy Financial Services to allocate the transmission scheduling rights across the company’s Linden, NJ Variable Frequency Transformer (VFT) smart grid project. GE Energy Financial Services will auction 15 megawatts of bi-directional electricity transfer capacity across the Linden VFT, which uses GE technology to enable a simple and controlled transmission path between electrical grids. The project's customers can use these rights to sell power capacity and energy sourced in the PJM Interconnection, LLC regional control area into the New York Independent System Operator, Inc. regional control area, and vice versa. The Linden VFT smart grid project is located at the intersection of the New York City (NYISO Zone J) and PJM power grids and is capable of transferring 315 megawatts of capacity, enough for up to 315,000 homes. The project is adjacent to GE Energy Financial Services' 900-megawatt Linden cogeneration power plant. Experts at The Brattle Group design and manage auction allocation processes for clients in the energy sectors. Brattle principal Jim Reitzes will manage the open season, with assistance from research analysts Ann Murray and Sam Moy. For further information regarding these services, please contact Jim Reitzes at