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November 25, 2014
Brattle Hosts Utility Industry Representatives at Roundtable Program on the Future of Rate Design

On November 17th, consultants from Brattle’s utilities practice hosted a roundtable discussion on the future of residential rate design for the electric industry. Held at Brattle’s San Francisco office, the program featured nearly 30 participants representing over 20 electric utilities located throughout the U.S., including Hawaii.

The roundtable discussed the challenges that lie ahead for the industry in the face of volumetric rate designs combined with slow growth, energy efficiency programs, technological advances, customer-owned distributed generation, and fuel switching. A summary of background questions posed to the roundtable participants in advance of the program was presented to kick-off the discussions, followed by brief presentations by three of the utility participants. Roundtable participants weighted the benefits and opportunities of changing rate designs, including fixed, demand, and time-varying rates, which could promote economic efficiency and equity among customers.

For more information on Brattle’s expertise in electric rate design, cost allocation, and rate structure, please visit here.