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August 13, 2010
Brattle Principal Ahmad Faruqui Provides Expert Analysis and Testimony that Contributes to Approval of Advanced Metering Business Case Applications by the Maryland Public Service Commission

Dr. Ahmad Faruqui, a principal with The Brattle Group's San Francisco office, provided expert analysis and testimony in support of the advanced metering business cases submitted by Baltimore Gas & Electric Company and Pepco Holdings Inc. to the Maryland Public Service Commission. Both applications were approved by the Commission on August 13, 2010. Each company relied on the results of a dynamic pricing experiment to estimate the magnitude of demand response that would occur once advanced meters and smart pricing options were rolled out. The experiment was conducted by Baltimore Gas & Electric Company in central Maryland during the years 2008 and 2009 and continues this year. The Brattle Group helped design and evaluate the results of the experiment, whose design won an award from the Southeastern Electric Exchange. For Pepco Holdings Inc., Brattle also estimated the financial benefits that would flow from demand response, building on earlier work that was performed by Brattle principal Sam Newell for the Mid-Atlantic Distributed Resources Initiative and the PJM Interconnection. Last year, Brattle supported Pepco Holdings Inc.'s application for advanced metering in the District of Columbia by designing dynamic pricing rates, estimating the demand response that would flow from those rates, and quantifying the financial benefits of demand response. That application was approved in December 2009 by the DC Public Service Commission.