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September 14, 2010
Brattle Principal Coleman Bazelon Quoted in Communications Daily Article on Revenues from Broadband Auctions

Dr. Coleman Bazelon, a principal in Brattle’s Washington, DC office, was quoted in the September 14, 2010 issue of Communications Daily for comments he made during a presentation at the September 14th Information Technology and Innovation Foundation broadband conference. Dr. Bazelon noted that adding 500-800 MHz of broadband spectrum would generate nearly $100 billion in revenue from auctions, enough to move many broadcasters and government users to other bands. "Even if you gave half that money to the broadcasters and that got you half the spectrum you’d still have $50 billion left," he said in the article. "That reallocates an awful lot of radar systems and communications systems in the government and for other private uses." For more information, please visit the Communications Daily website.