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June 16, 2011
Brattle Principal Dan Harris Quoted in Platts European Gas Daily on Privatization of Dutch Gas Transmission System Operator

Brattle principal Dan Harris, an expert in the economics of the gas industry, was recently quoted in the June 16, 2011 issue of Platts European Gas Daily on the semi-privatization of the Netherlands gas transmission system operator, Gasunie.

The article, “Dutch Examine Part-Privatization,” explains how the Dutch government plans to privatize a small share of Gasunie in order to finance the development of the country’s gas roundabout strategy. This, in turn, can help bring in money to fund new investments in technology. The idea to privatize was first suggested in 2009, but was revisited after the Dutch competition authority, NMa, found a substantial drop in Gasunie’s regulated asset value.

Mr. Harris points out that the semi-privatization of Gasunie can provide short-term access to new funding sources, as well as greater savings as lower costs are sought out. However, he cautions that investors must be made fully aware of what steps will be taken before the privatization occurs, in addition to future changes in Gasunie’s asset base.