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July 08, 2010
Brattle Principal Joseph Wharton Comments in Electric Power Daily Article on Efficiency Incentives

Dr. Joseph Wharton, a principal in Brattle’s San Francisco office, was quoted in Platts’ Electric Power Daily on July 7, 2010 in the article “Calif. regulators eye efficiency incentives” on the difficulty for California regulators in measuring the effectiveness of energy efficiency programs. According to the article, the stakeholders, including local utilities and regulating bodies, are at odds on the effectiveness of the programs’ evaluation methodologies. Dr. Wharton explains that the difficulty of such an evaluation is in the programs’ involvement of “thousands of different end uses and tough economic tradeoffs on technology choices made by millions of customers.” However, as Dr. Wharton also points out, “states have a strong interest in doing the measurement and verification, building by building, appliance by appliance. If it was not difficult, there might not be the huge opportunity we now see.” For more information, please visit the Platts website.