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February 15, 2012
Brattle Principal Jürgen Weiss Interviewed for Climate Change Business Journal on U.S. Climate Policy

Brattle principal Jürgen Weiss has been featured in the January 2012 issue of Climate Change Business Journal, where he discusses the options for the future of climate policy in the United States.

The article explores the drivers for greenhouse gas mitigation in the United States and their impact on investment decisions by electric power companies and other industries. Dr. Weiss, who specializes in climate change and carbon market analyses, explains that federal efforts to drive investments in low carbon technologies are declining, and the focus on climate change mitigation has shifted to only a select number of states, where alleviating climate change remains a public policy goal.

Dr. Weiss also explains that in many of the states where low-carbon technologies is a priority, the emphasis is shifting away from the risks associated with climate change to local economic development and the creation of jobs. Dr. Weiss suggests, however, it is still unclear how sustainable economic development will be for long-term growth.

In order to stimulate more investment by the electric industry in greenhouse gas mitigation, Dr. Weiss believes that the U.S. needs to be confident that money invested in greenhouse gas reductions is well-spent. A discussion on climate change should focus on insurance against the risks that climate change can pose, according to Dr. Weiss.