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October 18, 2010
Brattle Principal Kevin Neels Co-Authors Report on the Costs and Impacts of Flight Delays Featured in Multiple Media Outlets

An October 2010 report on the costs and impacts of flight delays in the U.S., co-authored by Brattle principal Kevin Neels, was featured in a number of media outlets, including The Washington Post, USA TODAY, and multiple media websites. The study, which was funded by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and completed by researchers at the National Center of Excellence for Aviation Operations Research (NEXTOR) with assistance from The Brattle Group, analyzed the total delay impact (TDI) of flight delays in the United States. Dr. Neels, along with researchers at the NEXTOR universities (the University of California at Berkeley, the University of Maryland, George Mason University, Virginia Tech, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology), estimated that the total cost of all U.S. air transportation delays in 2007 was $32.9 billion. The authors broke this number down to show costs incurred of $16.7 billion to airline passengers and $8.3 billion to airlines, with an additional $4 billion loss to the gross domestic product. According to the article, the costs incurred in one year alone outweigh the $100 million estimated cost of moving to a more efficient satellite-based traffic system and adding additional runways by 2025. For more information, please visit The Washington Post website.