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November 13, 2013
Brattle Principal Kevin Neels Quoted in DebtWire Article on Effects of Bond Issuance in Miami-Dade County

A recent DebtWire article discusses the recent issuance of $382.6 million in seaport revenue bonds by the Miami-Dade County Seaport. The bonds were issued in September 2013 to support a $2 billion capital improvement plan to prepare the port for an anticipated usage increase following the expansion of the Panama Canal.

Brattle principal Kevin Neels was interviewed for the article and commented that the port won’t see the sweeping surge of activity that it is expecting and that he would not have picked Miami to significantly benefit from the Panama Canal expansion. “The mid-Atlantic looks better than South Florida … southern California ports have staying power. They’re so well-established at this point, with a tremendous infrastructure of distribution and inland infrastructure … not everyone lining up to benefit from Panama Canal is going to do so. There will be a small number of winners and a large number of losers,” Dr. Neels said.

The article can be viewed using the link below.