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December 07, 2011
Brattle Principal Peter Fox-Penner Featured in E&E TV Special Report on the Future of the Smart Grid

Brattle principal Peter Fox-Penner was featured in Environment & Energy (E&E) TV’s special report, “Powering the Future: The Road to a Smarter Grid.” In this report, power and regulatory experts discuss funding and security challenges facing the smart grid, as well as critical issues facing the U.S. electric grid as it transitions to the use of new technologies and increased renewable capacity.

Dr. Fox-Penner suggests that direct government funding will not be essential to making the transition to the smart grid. Rather, technological innovations, and the cost savings that they bring, are so compelling that they will benefit both the industry and its customers and spur this transition.

To watch the full video, visit E&E TV’s website.

Peter S. Fox-Penner
Academic Advisor
Boston University
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