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June 07, 2011
Brattle Principal Serena Hesmondhalgh Featured in Platts European Gas Daily for Comments at European Gas Conference

The Brattle Group’s Serena Hesmondhalgh, a principal in the London office, was featured in a Platts European Gas Daily article on June 6, 2011 for her comments at the 16th European Gas Conference in Oslo, Norway.

Dr. Hesmondhalgh, an expert in the natural gas sector, spoke on the introduction of new European rules on insider trading and market abuse in commodity trading. The Regulation on Energy Market Integrity and Transparency, also known as REMIT, is set to be implemented at the end of next year and will tighten the rules surrounding commodity market trading, aligning themselves more with the strict controls on stock market trading.

The Platts article, “EU Companies Must Get Ready for REMIT Regulations: Brattle,” highlighted Dr. Hesmondhalgh’s comments on REMIT, which she said is “something you ignore at your own peril.” She suggested that companies adopt new practices to ensure that they are ready for REMIT, including guidelines and training for employees on appropriate behavior and communication between trading and commercial departments.