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June 14, 2012
Brattle Report Estimating the Value of NASA’s Global Solar and Meteorological Data Services Featured on Space Ref

A recent article on Space Ref, a news website focused on the global space systems sector, cites a report authored by Brattle economists that estimates the value of NASA’s global solar and meteorological data services to be up to $790 million.

The report, authored by Brattle principal Judy Chang and associate Kamen Madjarov, was prepared for the NASA Applied Science Program. The study reveals that the use of NASA’s solar and meteorological data services has contributed significantly to the U.S. and international goals of achieving greater energy efficiency and use of renewable energy sources.

The authors evaluated the socioeconomic value of two of NASA’s publicly-available satellite and modeled-derived data services: the Surface Meteorology and Solar Energy (SSE) and Prediction of Worldwide Energy Resource (POWER) datasets. After review of the datasets, combined with a number of expert user interviews, the report indicates that solar and meteorological data are utilized by the energy industry in several ways. The authors concluded that the most significant application of the data is in the assessment of the potential value of proposed renewable power project sites and the evaluation of the performance of existing renewable power generation projects.

To read the article in its entirety, please visit the Space Ref website.