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February 08, 2011
Brattle Report on Coal Plant Retirements Featured in the Environmental Business Journal

The January 2011 issue of the Environmental Business Journal cited a recent Brattle report that estimated EPA regulations on air quality and water could potentially result in over 50,000 MW of coal plant retirements and up to $180 billion in compliance costs for existing plants.

The report, released in December 2010 and authored by Brattle economists Metin Celebi and Frank Graves, was featured alongside similar analyses on coal plant retirements. However, in contrast to the other studies, which predicted that older, smaller coal plants are most likely to face retirement, Brattle’s study found that one-third of retirements will be of power plants that are less than forty years old and larger than 500 MW. In the article, Dr. Celebi remarked, “It’s going to be more difficult for the coal plants to survive. These EPA rules are going to push the coal units more to­wards retirement.”

For additional information, please visit the Environmental Business Journal website.