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May 19, 2012
Brattle Report on the Impacts of Tariffs on Chinese-Manufactured Solar Products Cited in The Wall Street Journal

A Brattle report, prepared on behalf of the Coalition for Affordable Solar Energy (CASE), was recently cited in The Wall Street Journal. The article discusses a recent decision by the U.S. Commerce Department to levy antidumping duties on imports of Chinese solar cells of more than 31% for Chinese companies and close to 250% for other, smaller companies.

The article, “There Goes the Sun,” argues that American consumers and solar-panel installers will be negatively affected as a result of this tariff. Brattle’s report examined the impacts that imposing a tariff would have on the U.S. solar industry and found that tariffs would slow the growth in domestic demand for PV systems, raise prices, and result in substantial domestic job losses. The tariff could also cause China to retaliate and levy tariffs of its own, resulting in further negative economic impacts and job losses.