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December 01, 2011
Brattle Studies Cited in MIT Energy Initiative’s “Future of” Series

The works of several Brattle consultants were cited in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Energy Initiative’s report, “The Future of the Electric Grid.” The study is the sixth in the Initiative’s “Future of” series and focuses on identifying and analyzing areas in which policy changes, research, and data development can meet the challenges that the U.S. electric grid is facing. The report cites Brattle works on energy efficiency, demand-side management, the smart grid, and coal plant retirements. Also among the cited works is a summary presented by Brattle consultants from a research program on pilot demand response programs that shows that consumers respond to price signals. The report cites Brattle’s proprietary data on 24 pilot projects involving 109 variants of price and technology intervention. To read the full report, please visit the MIT Energy Initiative website.