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June 08, 2012
Brattle to Serve as Independent Procurement Manager for East Kentucky Power Cooperative

East Kentucky Power Cooperative (EKPC) today issued a request for proposals (RFP) to obtain up to 300 MW of electric-generating resources to possibly replace power plants that could be shut down as a result of federal regulations taking effect in 2015. The Brattle Group has been retained to serve as the Independent Procurement Manager (IPM) for the RFP process, responsible for analyzing and evaluating forthcoming proposals. EKPC faces the prospect of making significant capital investments in emissions-control equipment at two of their locations, to bring them into compliance with the federal Mercury and Air Toxics Standards that will go into effect in 2015. As a result, EKPC is soliciting proposals to provide replacement power and will consider both energy and capacity from newly constructed and existing generation of all types. “This solicitation will provide important information regarding alternatives for EKPC to comply with new federal regulations,” said Tony Campbell, EKPC’s president and CEO. “EKPC’s goal is to comply while continuing to serve its members as reliably and affordably as possible.” East Kentucky Power Cooperative is a not-for-profit, member-owned cooperative providing wholesale electricity to 16 owner-member distribution cooperatives that serve 520,000 Kentucky homes, farms, businesses and industries across 87 counties. For more information on EKPC and the RFP, please visit their website.