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July 09, 2021
Concurrences Recognizes Two Brattle-Authored Articles as 2021 Antitrust Writing Awards Winners

Two Brattle-authored articles have won the General Antitrust and Economics categories in the 2021 Antitrust Writing Awards. Concurrences and the George Washington University Law School’s Competition Law Center present these awards annually to honor the best in antitrust commentary. The winners were announced at the virtual Antitrust Writing Awards Ceremony on Wednesday, June 30.

Best Business Articles: General Antitrust
Brattle Director of Global Development James Keyte coauthored “Buckle Up: The Global Future of Antitrust Enforcement and Regulation” for the Spring 2021 issue of the American Bar Association’s Antitrust Journal. The article discusses the current global antitrust landscape, which is a whirlwind of antitrust enforcement and regulation brought on by global concern over the perceived power and entrenchment of tech platforms. As the future of global antitrust is shifting, the US is increasingly becoming an outlier in a global arena that tends to see market power and its abuse where US antitrust law does not.

Best Business Articles: Economics
Brattle Principals Dr. Michael Cragg and Dr. Loren Smith and Senior Associate Dr. Charles Gibbons coauthored “Understanding the Econometric Tools of Antitrust – With No Math!” for the Spring 2021 issue of the American Bar Association’s The Antitrust Source. The article groups econometric techniques used by antitrust economists into three broad categories: summary statistics and simple data depictions, regression analysis, and structural models. Understanding the benefits and limitations of each of these categories enables antitrust practitioners to comprehend the possibilities of antitrust economics.

View the full list of winners on the Concurrences website.