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June 18, 2015
Consultants Author Article on Organic Electricity Conservation in The Electricity Journal

Brattle principals Ahmad Faruqui and Ryan Hledik and research analyst Wade Davis recently authored the article, “The Emergence of Organic Conservation,” published in the June issue of The Electricity Journal.

In the article, the authors describe the natural or “organic” ways in which electricity use has become more efficient, and provide estimates of the likely impact of organic conservation on energy consumption. They identify three case studies (residential lighting, commercial lighting, and residential displays) that support the existence of organic conservation beyond any impacts of demand-side management (DSM) programs or codes and standards, and include the responses from a survey of industry experts’ opinions.

Based on their analysis, the authors find that the magnitude of the impact of organic conservation varies widely across the three case studies, and depends not only on the characteristics of the technology or appliance that is being evaluated, but also on timing in that technology’s development cycle.

The article can be downloaded here.