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October 31, 2017
Elaine Buckberg Appointed as Vice Chair of the ABA's Privatization, Outsourcing, and Financing Committee

Brattle Principal Elaine Buckberg has been appointed as Vice Chair of the American Bar Association’s Privatization, Outsourcing, and Financing Committee, part of the Public Contract Law Section.

The Privatization, Outsourcing and Financing Transactions Committee reviews and comments on government efforts to transfer ownership or control of government assets to the private sector and government contracting with the private sector for activities traditionally performed by government. Specific issues include structuring of financing, risk allocation, and budget scoring.

Dr. Buckberg has over 20 years of consulting, policy, and expert witness experience in litigation and regulatory disputes in finance, complex commercial litigation, and bankruptcy and advises parties in public-private partnerships for infrastructure investment. Her recent expert and consulting work has focused on hedge funds, valuation of complex derivatives, securities class actions, and foreign exchange trading.