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March 05, 2012
Interview with Brattle Academic Advisor Josh Lerner on Private Equity Featured in Wall Street Journal Blog

An interview featuring Brattle Academic Advisor and Harvard Business School Professor Josh Lerner on private equity has been recently highlighted in The Wall Street Journal blog, “Private Equity Beat.”

Private equity has recently become subject to scrutiny among regulators and has been an area of focus during the 2012 presidential campaign. The article discusses how vague and ill-defined claims about the industry will likely gain momentum and remain unchallenged due to the lack of research available on the topic.

The focus of Dr. Lerner’s interview is on the Private Capital Research Group (PCRI), an organization responsible for compiling industry data for use in academic research. Dr. Lerner, president of the PCRI, established the organization as an outgrowth of a project for the World Economic Forum, which conducted studies examining the impact of private equity in various ways by academics worldwide. Dr. Lerner, dissatisfied with the current state of private capital research, established the organization in order to provide the most accurate data available on private capital. Dr. Lerner hopes the PCRI will lead to a deeper understanding of the private equity industry.

To read the complete article, please visit The Wall Street Journal website.