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August 04, 2014
Kevin Neels Quoted in Marketplace Article on the Use of Airplanes to Collect Weather Data

Brattle principal Kevin Neels was recently quoted in a Marketplace radio story titled “Airplanes become the new weather balloons.” The story discusses the potential economic benefits of new weather data gathering technology being installed on airplanes and how this technology could become the preferred option over weather balloons, the historical method of gathering data. Balloons launch just twice daily to collect data, while planes create a moving picture as they take off and land and transmit humidity data in regular intervals.

Dr. Neels is quoted about the findings of a study he performed that found delays directly cost airlines $8.3 billion in 2007 and nearly double this amount for passengers. To curb the expense of mass delays and cancelations, airlines are increasingly equipping their planes with water vapor sensors to provide real time weather projections and make schedule adjustments accordingly.

To read the article in its entirety, visit the Marketplace website.