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March 31, 2015
Mark Berkman Contributes to Bay Area Council Economic Institute Report on Extreme Weather Events

Brattle principal Mark Berkman and research analyst Stephen Lagos contributed to a recent Bay Area Council Economic Institute report, “Surviving the Storm,” examining questions about the economic impact of potential extreme storm events in northern California. The report addresses California’s notoriously volatile climate, which can range from devastating flooding to years of unrelenting drought.

Dr. Berkman and Mr. Lagos contributed to the section “Economic Impacts,” which provides an analysis of estimated damages resulting from large storm events. According to the Brattle analysis, the largest damage components from weather-related events in the Bay Area have been structural damage and building content losses (totaling $10.1 billion), and transportation delay costs resulting from road and airport closures (totaling $164 million). Electricity service interruptions are another source of potentially high costs that may accompany severe weather events.

The report may be read in its entirety here.