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July 12, 2017
New York Attorney General’s Chief Economist Guy Ben-Ishai Joins The Brattle Group

The Brattle Group is pleased to announce that competition and securities expert Dr. Guy Ben-Ishai has joined the firm’s New York office as a principal.

Dr. Ben-Ishai joins The Brattle Group following distinguished service at the New York State’s Attorney General’s Office as the Chief Economist for the past three years. In that role, Dr. Ben-Ishai served as a senior government official and the lead economist in a multitude of matters, often pursued by the Attorney General in collaboration with other state and federal agencies. While maintaining a broad public policy expertise, his principal areas of focus have been competition, securities, and consumer protection.

Some of Dr. Ben-Ishai’s high-profile matters include: a consummated merger challenge where he testified on disgorgement of ill-gotten gains on behalf of the U.S. and the State of New York; a product hopping monopolization lawsuit in the pharmaceutical industry; a securities investigation involving climate change risk disclosure; and a consumer fraud matter related to the sales of diesel vehicles equipped with devices intended to defeat emission standards.

“Guy is a great addition to the firm,” noted Brattle President Alexis Maniatis. “He brings a strong reputation and track record with meaningful government experience that will be highly valuable to our clients. As our litigation practices continue to grow, we continually seek opportunities to broaden our capabilities, and Guy’s addition to the firm does just that.”

“I am thrilled and honored to join The Brattle Group,” noted Dr. Ben-Ishai. “Few people realize that economics is actually fun. It is precisely the reason why I was drawn to The Brattle Group. It’s the type of place where we can run empirical models that would make heads spin. But it is also a place where we appreciate how basic economic principles can be very powerful at explaining human behavior when communicated well. I think that it is a fascinating time to practice economic consulting, and I am excited to take part in such an impressive practice that is not only expanding, but doing so while maintaining a growing list of accomplishments.”

Earlier in his career, Dr. Ben-Ishai served as a private consultant in both testifying and consulting roles. He advised clients on a wide range of antitrust matters relating to monopolization, price-fixing conspiracies, and mergers. He holds a B.A. in Economics from UCLA and a Ph.D. from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He was also a Visiting Fellow at the Milken Institute in California and a Visiting Scholar at the University of Toulouse in France.