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May 30, 2013
Report by Brattle Academic Advisor Featured in Pharma Times Article

A recent article published in Pharma Times discusses research that was recently published by Brattle academic advisor Henry Grabowski into the market experiences of biosimilars.

The article, “Germany: EU's most favorable market for biosimilars,” discusses Dr. Grabowski’s study, which looks at five European Union (EU) countries, and finds that Germany provides the most favorable environment for biosimilar drugs, while Italy the least favorable. This research evaluates the various market experiences of these countries and the prospects for them in the United States as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) seeks to finalize a biosimilars pathway.

According to Dr. Grabowski, the United States is of particular interest because it is the center of biotech innovation, it spends more on biologic products than any other nation, and it has a strong culture of generic drug use. However, according to his research, if the FDA determines that a biosimilar is not bioequivalent or interchangeable with the reference brand, its manufacturer may need to commit substantial resources after a product’s launch to educate healthcare providers. As a result, Professor Grabowski forecasts that biosimilar competition is likely to have fewer entrants than generic competition for the foreseeable future.

Dr. Grabowski is Professor of Economics, member of the faculty for the Health Sector Management Program, and Director of the Program in Pharmaceuticals and Health Economics at Duke University.

Henry G. Grabowski
Academic Advisor
Duke University
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