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Practice Briefing Series

As distributed energy resources (DERs) become more widespread and utility managers and regulators look toward incorporating new business models, the “retail” side of the electric utility industry is becoming more and more the locus of industry redesign and regulatory innovation. The Brattle Group’s Retail Energy Practice helps clients address the critical issues that impact the utility industry at both the distribution system and retail service levels.

Brattle’s Retail Energy Practice has developed a briefing series analyzing potential utility responses to challenges and trends associated with the “Utility of the Future” (UoF). A new UoF paradigm is emerging as utilities rethink their future business models in response to the expansion of distributed energy resources, decarbonization goals, declining sales growth, and technological developments. While each of these developments has the potential to disrupt the status quo, they could also provide growth opportunities to utilities and new market entrants. Our briefing series attempts to examine the UoF from an integrated perspective by examining linkages between the financial, technological, strategic, and regulatory dimensions.

Evolving Business and Regulatory Models in a Utility of the Future World

This brief provides our view of how utilities and regulators should prepare for the transition to the UoF.

Compensating Risk in Evolving Utility Business Models

This brief focuses on how the overall risk of a utility, especially as measured in its cost of capital, may be impacted by "Utility of the Future" developments.

New Sources of Utility Growth: Electrification Opportunities and Challenges

This brief examines the many factors accelerating the phenomenon of electrification and the profound implications for electric utilities, as well as potential strategies for utility involvement.


Brattle’s Retail Energy team has extensive experience developing benefit-cost analyses for next generation investments in smart grid, system reliability and resilience, and overall grid modernization, as well as for investments at the distribution system edge, such as electrification opportunities. We have also worked extensively on assessing business and financial models applicable to the evolving electricity market ecosystem, and are at the forefront of marginal cost and benefit analyses that are becoming increasingly important in determining efficient and equitable pricing constructs and incentives for DER compensation. Our expertise is grounded in foundational principles of economics and finance, in order to better align load forecasting, rate design, and risk management with industry trends and developments.

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