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The Brattle Group has extensive experience advising clients on disputes related to financial accounting and reporting, disclosures, regulatory accounting, managerial and cost accounting, forensic accounting, and auditing.

Our experts have testified in, or consulted on, matters involving generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS); disclosures with regard to Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) guidelines; audit and review procedures related to generally accepted auditing standards (GAAS); and the adequacy of internal controls over financial reporting (ICFR).

Areas of research have included revenue recognition; cost allocations; the timing and amount of asset write-downs; accounting for derivatives; guarantees; fair value reporting; consolidation; off balance sheet (OBS) accounting; and pensions. Our expertise in forensic accounting includes the reconstruction of financial records and the tracing of transactions from source documents.

We address both liability and damages issues related to securities class actions, M&A disputes, regulatory investigations, international arbitrations, tax controversies, intellectual property disputes, and breaches of contract. Our clients include law firms, large corporations, Big Four accounting firms, and US government agencies such as the SEC, the Department of Justice (DOJ), and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

Key Areas of Expertise 

  • Auditor Liability
  • Causation and Damages
  • Disclosure Adequacy
  • Financial Accounting and Reporting
  • Forensic Accounting
  • Internal Controls
  • International Financial Reporting Standards
  • Managerial and Cost Accounting
  • Materiality
  • Regulatory Accounting
  • Reporting Entity Liability
  • Restatement and Misstatement
  • Tax Accounting


Below is a list of representative engagements for our Accounting practice.

Auditor liability in accounting firm resignation

Brattle worked on behalf of a multinational accounting firm in a suit in which the firm’s client, a regional bank, alleged that the accounting firm had inappropriately resigned during an audit, resulting in increased fees charged by the successor accounting firm that completed the audit. Brattle supported an industry audit expert who examined the audit issues related to the allowance for loan losses and the reasons behind the accounting firm’s resignation. The audit expert concluded that the resignation was appropriate and warranted, in accordance with professional and industry practice. The matter settled favorably for our client.

Valuation in accordance with GAAP

Brattle was retained to work on behalf of a Fortune 500 technology company in a post-M&A dispute with its M&A counterparty. The two companies disputed the classification of leases and valuation of underlying leased IT equipment in accordance with GAAP. Brattle supported a valuation expert who opined regarding the latter. An arbitration panel relied on the opinions and testimony of the client’s experts, including Brattle’s expert, and awarded over $600 million to the client.

Accounting, internal controls, and damages in an M&A matter

A law firm retained Brattle to work on behalf of a private equity firm that had sold one of its portfolio companies. The buyer of the acquired company alleged that the company’s financial statements inflated the carrying value of its fixed assets. As a result, the buyer accused the private equity firm of breaching certain representations and warranties in the acquisition agreement. A Brattle principal analyzed and opined regarding the acquired company’s accounting and internal controls for fixed assets, and damages issues. The matter settled favorably for the client.

Accounting and internal controls

The SEC retained Brattle in a matter in which the SEC alleged that a company’s financial executives had manipulated internal controls to allow improper premature revenue recognition. Brattle supported an accounting and internal controls expert who examined the various internal controls claimed to be effective by the defendants, and opined that the company actually had a material weakness in its internal controls that the defendants failed to disclose to its auditors and in its financial statements. The SEC settled this matter with the defendants.

Forensic accounting related to internal trading records

In an insurance dispute between Brattle’s client, a broker-dealer, and a large bank whose natural gas trader was alleged to have caused hundreds of millions in trading losses, the bank alleged that an employee of Brattle’s client colluded with the bank’s trader by providing incorrect pricing inputs to the bank’s internal auditors. Brattle traced and analyzed the bank’s internal trading records, replicated internal valuation, and performed a forensic accounting analysis of the bank’s journal entries and financial restatements to determine the portion of losses possibly related to potential pricing irregularities, as opposed to losses caused by unrelated causes. The case was settled on favorable terms for our client.

Tax accounting in IRS dispute

In Ambac’s bankruptcy proceeding, Brattle evaluated and opined on the proper tax accounting for Ambac in its tax dispute with the IRS regarding the taxpayer’s $700 million tax refund during the global financial crisis. The dispute involved the appropriate taxation of credit derivatives, an unsettled area in tax policies and regulation. Brattle’s expert explained the difference between financial accounting, statutory accounting, and tax accounting for the financial losses. The case settled in our client’s favor.

Managerial and cost accounting

In MetWest’s 36(b) mutual fund excessive advisory fee litigation, Brattle consultants supported a cost accounting expert to analyze the reasonableness of the cost allocation methodology as applied to its various proprietary mutual funds for investment management and related services. Brattle’s team also reviewed and tested the sensitivity of alternative cost allocations to the funds, and developed a sophisticated analytical framework to assess fund-level profitability. The court found in favor of our client.

Forensic accounting in an international arbitration

In an ICSID arbitration, a construction company, Bayindir Insaat Turizm Ticaret Ve Sanayi A.S., claimed damages from Pakistan for terminating the company’s construction contract early. Due to this early termination, the construction company was no longer able to recoup profits from the investments it had made as contracted and further lost its right to future development and corresponding profits. Brattle experts analyzed the financial accounting records and documentation of the construction company to assess the lost profits and consequential damages. As part of this work, we evaluated intercompany transfers and undertook accounting forensic analyses.

Disclosure adequacy and information materiality

On behalf of Deutsche Bank, Brattle analyzed Enron’s special purpose vehicle (SPV) transactions, the associated OBS debt, Enron’s securities disclosure, and stock and bond valuations. In the adversary proceedings, Brattle sponsored two testifying experts to opine on the accounting of certain transactions involving Deutsche Bank, and analyzed the transactions’ impact on Enron’s key financial ratios and their potential contribution to Enron’s credit downgrade and ultimate bankruptcy. The case settled before trial in Deutsche Bank’s favor.

Forensic accounting for fiber optics

On behalf of the board of directors for Global Crossing, Brattle examined the business purposes of the company’s fiber optic capacity transactions under indefeasible rights of use; reviewed internal accounting policies and the relevant accounting standards on leases and exchanges of non-monetary assets; and conducted a forensic analysis of the associated accounting records. In addition, Brattle investigated Global Crossing’s pro forma accounting and disclosure.

IFRS asset impairment

For a Brazilian company involved in a dispute with a minority shareholder regarding certain accounting measures that were used in a covenant clause, Brattle provided testimony on the distinction between impairment of productive assets under GAAP and IFRS. Specifically, we determined that the assets correctly had been impaired under IFRS, but would not have been impaired under GAAP. The analysis required us to reverse the write-up of assets relied upon under IFRS. The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) tribunal found in favor of our client.

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